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Send money to loved ones across Africa with ease. No more long queues, hidden fees, or delays.

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Smooth sailing between pages and processes, ensuring seamlessness throughout our application whether you are a first-time or returning customer.


Enjoy instant and successful transactions between countries and currencies. Don't wait for hours or days.


No high costs or hidden fees for your transfers to friends and family across the continent.

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With top-of-the-line technology, speed and security at Vargent, we guarantee seamless experiences from your fingertips to every corner across Africa. Start your experience:

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Vargent Africa is secure and reliable. We operate state-of-the-art security systems to protect your data from fraudsters, phishing attacks or hackers.

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All your data, personal and financial are 100% safe on Vargent and protected by privacy laws. Your data is never shared.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Get ready for a breeze! All you have to do is sign up with your email and phone number, breeze through the verification process, and voila! You're all set to send money with zero fuss and no wallet setups required. It's as easy as pie, so you can focus on what matters most - your transactions, hassle-free.

What do I need to sign up?

To Join as a User:

  • Be a resident of a country within the Vargent Africa Network.
  • Have an active email address and phone number of your country of residence.
  • Provide a valid government-issued identification document (varying per country).
All uploaded KYC documents are kept secured and confidential. They undergo regulatory review and compliance evaluation to ensure authenticity. Sign up with fraudulent information or false documents leads to access revocation.

Is KYC compulsory?

Yes, we kindly request that you complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process before being able to send money. It's a necessary step to comply with global Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Funding regulations and guidelines. All you need to do is provide your basic details and a government-issued ID. We appreciate your understanding in ensuring a secure and responsible money transfer experience for everyone involved.

How long does the transfer take to get to the beneficiary?

All transfers are instant, except in cases where the beneficiary's mobile money network or bank is having a downtime.

Can I have more than one account?

To ensure an extra layer of security, our system currently allows the creation of only one Vargent account per user. This policy is designed to keep your account protected and minimize the risk of unauthorized access or misuse. By enforcing this one-account-per-user policy, we prioritize your safety and maintain the integrity of your financial transactions. Rest assured, your account is in good hands.

What countries can Vargent send money to?

Currently, you can send money to the following countries: Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal. In the near future, we hope to cover the whole of Africa. More details on the Vargent Africa Network is available here

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